BeWiser Insurance Brokers: Offering Affordable Insurance for Your Young Driver

As a parent, you want the best for your child. This means you need the best available insurance coverage for your young driver. Here at BeWiser Insurance Brokers, Inc. we specialize in providing insurance options for each young driver. We know the marketplace challenges they face and can help them to address these challenges through experienced guidance. It’s a process that saves you money and keeps young drivers safe and happy on the road.

Here’s why proactive parents choose BeWiser Insurance Brokers:

    • We’re leaders in innovation

BeWiser Insurance Brokers uses innovative ingenie telematics to keep your young driver safe on the road. The telematics system records driving actions and rewards young drivers with continual discounts for their effective driving performance. This means you’ll always have clear insights on how your young driver is driving and you’ll be able to help keep them safe in the coming years.

    • We offer free quotes

Each element of the BeWiser Insurance Brokers’ service is designed to help reduce your costs. We offer free quotes so there’s no cost for working with our team. You’ll see exactly how much young drivers can save through the company, with a customized quote built for you and your vehicle.

    • Our team has proven experience

We offer proven experience within the insurance marketplace for your young driver. This means there’s no questions we cannot address and no problem we cannot resolve to ensure young drivers are protected as they gain experience.

Book your no obligation free quote today! Call us now at 1-844-239-4737.


10% upfront Good Driving Discount

We give you a 10% Good Driving Discount when you take out your auto insurance with ingenie.


ingenie Smartbox included

Shortly after you take out your policy, we’ll send an ingenie Smartbox for you to install in your vehicle, but don’t worry – you’re still insured from day one.


Regular feedback on your driving

Download our app and receive feedback on how you’re driving – or go online to view your feedback.


Billing received every 3 months

ingenie reviews your billing every 3 months, based on your driving score for that quarter. The higher your score, the less you’ll pay.


Earn up to an extra 25% saving

Your Good Driving Discount is reviewed and billing adjusted every 3 months – up to 25% off over the year.*


Stay on the road after an accident

A temporary replacement vehicle comes as part of your insurance with ingenie.

Find out if you’re eligible. We are an authorised distributor of the ingenie product.

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