Your Trusted High Risk Home Insurance Experts

When you’ve experienced a theft or vandalism incident, it can cause you concern for your safety in the home. Some also find that their home insurance costs rise as they try to deal with the aftermath of the event. Here at BeWiser Insurance Brokers, Inc., we’ll provide you with a complete range of high risk home insurance options. We can pinpoint low cost policy options and work with insurance companies in the region to provide you the highest levels of available coverage.

Choosing BeWiser Insurance Brokers as your home insurance team means:

  • Lower rates, for higher coverage levels

You’ll receive affordable rates for the highest levels of coverage. We’ll provide you coverage for all areas of your property, whether you’re a landlord with tenants or a single homeowner with a limited credit record.

  • Expert guidance when you need it most

Our team at BeWiser Insurance Brokers, Inc. is available around the clock. We can provide you with advice for all insurance challenges and ensure every question you have is answered by an expert with decades of market experience.

  • Reduced costs on auto and home insurance

We can combine your auto and high risk home insurance policies to help you consolidate costs in both areas. This ensures you’ll save hundreds per month while achieving the highest levels of protection for your personal property.

  • Access to affordable hard-to-place home and commercial building insurance

We partner with the leading insurance companies to help you build the ideal policy, even if you don’t qualify within typical home and commercial insurance markets. We offer full coverage options for vacant homes, older rented buildings and other properties considered high risk in the insurance marketplace.

It’s never been easier to save money on home insurance in Ontario! Call the high risk home insurance experts here at BeWiser Insurance Brokers, Inc. for a quote via 1-844-239-4737.