Safe driving requires healthy vision and for many people, getting eyeglasses was only a part of their childhood. It can be difficult for adults to know when deteriorating vision becomes a serious problem.

Estimates indicate that up to 90 per cent of eye accidents and injuries could be prevented through the use of proper eye wear. To do your part, make sure you always wear the right kind of eye wear. Do not let uncomfortable, foggy or sight-restrictive eye wear impede your vision on the road. Experiment—there are many styles and sizes available. Do not become a statistic. Take a moment to determine possible eye hazards, while driving, so you can take the proper precautions to prevent injury.

Here are some common signs that indicate it’s time to schedule an eye exam:

  • Eye fatigue: It’s normal for your vision to gradually deteriorate over the course of a day. However, if you find yourself squinting often, it could be a sign that you need eyeglasses.
  • Blurry vision: If you strain to read something at arm’s length, or if you struggle to recognize a close friend or family member at a distance of 30 feet, it may be time to visit an eye doctor.
  • Frequent headaches: As your vision starts to get worse, your eyes will work harder to compensate, which may result in persistent headaches.

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