Though fuel pump accidents are rare, it is important to be aware of the inherent dangers of filling your tank. To avoid potential fueling hazards, follow these fuel pump safety guidelines:

  • Turn off your engine before beginning to refuel.
  • Never smoke, light matches or use lighters when refueling at the pump or when you are using gasoline anywhere else.
  • Stay outside of your vehicle while you are refueling in case something goes wrong and you need to press the emergency stop button.
  • Never use your cellphone or other electronic devices while filling up your tank. Static electricity from the device can cause the fuel to ignite when phones or other devices light up when they ring.

In the event that static electricity does cause a fire to occur, leave the nozzle in the fill pipe and move away from your vehicle. Then, notify the station attendant immediately so he or she can rectify the problem and call for assistance. To make sure you are fully protected on the road this winter, speak with our office team at 1-844-239-4737.